.BD is the country domain name of Bangladesh and it is searched by the customers through search engines

Today it is the internet arena. People seldom waste time to collect information from any where about a thing reaching physically. They prefer to know information through internet. Search engines perform this duty for a transient time giving information with no time boundary. But very intellectual and prudent persons give themselves and their organizations a professional look through internet to render information, services and products towards the world. They think, occupying a space in the internet is better than the decorated offices physically situated. For this space in the internet no sand, cement, brick, mason etc. are required but only the domain name and hosting registration by an authorized register.

What is a domain name?
Domain name is an internet address through World Wide Web instead of physical address in the world. If an individual or organization registers domain name by an authorized register than any one else in the world will reach to he or the specific organization constantly. He becomes the absolute owner of the domain name in his country and no one can copy his name. Domain name registration is the first stage for the appearance in the internet.

What is a hosting?
Hosting is the place amount or disk storage which is required for information exhibition in the server. It is the second level to be appeared in the internet field. Hosting is got by paying a required amount of money to the domain and hosting register.
.BD is searched by the internet users in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a developing country. Internet in this country is being used since the year of 1981 in full swing. People in this country are accustomed of using internet like other developed countries. They actually search for the companies registered with .BD Domain name (e.g. www. a company name.com.bd ) through internet. .BD domain is the country domain name of Bangladesh. They think that existing overseas multinational corporate houses, NRB (Non residential Bangladeshi) and Bangladeshi companies in this country registered their website with .BD domain name exhibit their real brand, image, credibility, information, product and service quality. Again they believe any one or fictitious organizations can copy another famous company’s website name easily and render impure product or services and deceive them easily in this restriction free registration arena. So this is an irrecoverable loss for the genuine companies. So it will be wise to register with .BD domain name for the existing, newly willing foreign companies and international need to make their present domain name registered with .BD as early as possible.